08 ottobre 2009

MadStore Open Content API

Hello everyone, as I said earlier in the post about Spring JCR, I announce that I have created an open source project with Sergio Bossa. The project has the goal of being a solid basis for the development of a content API solution Open Source.

The Guardian, MTV, New York Times, have provided their content REST API to access their archives of news, the question is: is there an open infrastructure that allows a content publisher to do the same thing? The answer is yes, and is called MadStore.

MadStore store news in Atom format taking them from websites with microformat tag and exposes them with a REST interface, address below to have a look: http://madstore.sourceforge.net . Content ingestion is entrusted to a crawler can operate in two modes: Single Mode: In a stand-alone actor-based implementation. Grid Mode using the potential of Grid-Gain (logic map-reduce). Boys suggestions are welcome! Thanks and good work!
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