06 May 2010

Alfresco Web Studio

If anyone is wondering, what happened to the Alfresco Web Studio, a tool that announcing fantastic, with its ease of use and simple concepts, will sure know that the Alfresco Web Studio no longer exists.
Has been replaced in Spring Surf with AWE (Alfresco Web Editor), nothing to do with our expectations, a simple
tag lib for in-line editing but extensible (i don't care, I want it ready).
The web content management for Alfresco is not a milestone. I do not know if the world of WCM's is in the interests of Alfresco itself.
It is unfortunate that such a powerful tool Alfresco ECM is so determined to consider the WCM decoupled so makes it difficult to use (PMS, CMS concepts).
The multiple solutions in the market is ripe and good, will not be easy to take action in this area in the near future.
We'll see, stay connected!


Maurizio said...

Web Editor (formerly Web Studio) is no longer just an Alfresco product but a Spring one:


Next versions of AWE will come from packaged versions of Spring Surf Tools: by no means Alfresco is not investing on a graphical page composition visual editor, on the opposite is leveraging the much bigger SpringSource community to provide a better product.


For more news:



Salvatore Incandela said...

Well about the pass at SpringSource I have nothing to say, I am a Spring Extension committer and I can understand the choice of Alfresco, but I do not understand where are the features of the designer WebStudio, the last time I take a look at getting started
there was only a tag lib for live editing.