13 dicembre 2010

Alfresco DM for Web content management, web editor

Hello, since I saw the web cast of Blue Fish group, which showed how to edit a site by Alfresco Form (here the link) I have not slept the night, the problem is that I have not seen even a single line of open source code, so I said why not do it again? Is a great idea! so I slowly started to develop their first features, and now I want to release open source code so to provide additional functionality.
All this is based on a customization of "Alfresco Share Enterprise 3.2" to which I added two pages that can be used by a specific taglib in the form of pop-up so you can edit the content from both portlet or web app, Content is managed independently from the interface that shows it but editable through authentication. The content is approved and published on folder configured. The time to have an organization to the code and will be owned by the community!

Alfresco Documents Protocol Number or Documents Registration Number

Soon I will publish online a plug in developed for Alfresco 3.3 that allows the creation of documents with a unique registration number to do this I used a table database managed by hibernate, this table stores the sequential number that is used by a behavior, to store the protocol number within a document metadata.

13 settembre 2010

Codemotion l'evoluzione

E' nato, è l'evento dell'anno in cui tutte le tecnologie software si incontrano in Italia, in un unico appuntamento.
E' quello che mi aspettavo che accadesse da tempo, che colmasse il vuoto del panorama eventi tech in Italia. Quell'evento che contribuisse a eliminare il campanilismo applicato alla programmazione che mi sa tanto di provinciale, che aprisse le porte ad altri modi di vedere di pensare di creare.